You cannot win by doing the ordinary!

Sitting in my bedroom on a Sunday evening after 7 hours of continuous work and brainstorming ideas with the brands that we are handling, watching few snap and Insta-stories to laugh at every person who said that they don’t have the time but went for a concert or partied last night.

It’s all a matter of priorities with the stuff that you want to do with the time you have. Meet Jigar Mehta, who wants to be a DJ but is not willing to make music because he thinks that he doesn’t have enough time. He is not happy with his job but doesn’t want to quit because he thinks that he might lose out on the opportunity!He started his DJ career almost 4 and half years back in high school. I was one of his fans but he never really cared about who was listening to his music. Today he doesn’t make any music because people still don’t care. But he cares.

When you start giving a fuck about others opinions or start having certain expectations, you lose. I met him 2 months back and he said - My music is not good enough.

While I was writing this article I felt that a lot of people are going to judge me, people are going to hate the grammar, people are going to feel that I am an amateur. But when I stop giving a fuck, this is me. Stop caring about the content that you make. You do not get to decide that. Your job is to be consistent, work hard, have patience and do the things that make you happy.If he had to make the music for David Guetta, it might be bad for Guetta, but not for others. YOUR AUDIENCE IS THE MARKET!

I do not have enough time.

All of us have the same bullshit story but deep inside we actually know how much time each of us spend on every social media/watching stories. You cannot win if you cannot go one step ahead. Even when I started Krypton Media, few months back, I started out alone and started bringing brands on board and had started working for them from morning 6am till 9am, used to finish my office work till evening 9pm, get back home and work on Krypton from 9pm till 12pm. You need to do that extra to win anywhere.

I need good equipment to make good music.

Another nonsense people speak about is the equipment. Your equipment shouldn’t define who you are.(If you’re nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it).

I don’t have an audience for my collection.

If you’re going to crib about it, nothing is going to change. Do something about it. I was a fan of his music and the day he stopped uploading I shifted to someone else because I wanted to listen to something new after a point of time. Also one more thing people need to realize that everyone is watching. When I stopped my Vlogs, there were at least 50 people who asked me why I stopped vlogging. Sometimes I didn’t even get 50 views on each one.

I don’t know how to balance out my job with this Career.

If anyone could do it by quitting their job then everyone would be a world class DJ. Everyone just wants to complain but when it comes to putting in the real work, we are impatient.

In today’s world it’s much easier to reverse engineer because the market is wide open. Few years back when there was no youtube/facebook/instagram/anchor, someone who wanted to be a DJ couldn’t be without a connect in the industry. Now you have platforms like Soundcloud where you can win without even having a concert and it fascinates me where a person sitting in India can follow Casey Neistat or Gary Vaynerchuk’s vlogs.People are lazy to make the dish even after knowing the ingredients and some people crave for the ingredients and die of hunger.NO ONE WINS BY DOING ORDINARY SHIT.

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