A lesson in getting that dream Job — A chapter about me by a Canadian Author — UnBranding

I was Born and brought up in this small town where my first language was Kannada and 2nd language was English. So I didn’t learn to speak English till I entered cottons. There was no Internet till I entered this boarding school in Bangalore where I failed my 8th and 9th standard(literally failed all the subjects) and was passed with a warning. I went back to my home town to score some good marks in my 10th Standard. Got back to Bangalore and started staying with my grand mother to start my 11th.

I have been a Josephite and a Jainite. Completed 9 internships before starting my own company(YourPitchh) with an investment of Rs.3,000. Made enough resumes before making my own resume. Started second company(KryptonMedia) after building the Snapchat channel with no investment.

It has been a year since I made the GQ resume and still people ask me what happened about it. The fact that someone somewhere in the world is remembering/talking about me is a huge deal for me.

Scott Stratten, a Canadian author got in touch with me a couple of months back. When asked, he said that he wanted to write a chapter on my whole resume thing in his new book which was named 'Unbranding’.

The book now has been released and my chapter number is 69- Hack your hiring. I searched for the Amazon version just to see if he’s actually written about me and yes he had. My name was right next to Elon musk in the Index folder. That’s the closest I’ll get to Elon I guess 😂

It’s 11 October 1:14am, my mom and grand mom are sleeping in the other room and I’m lying down, thinking about which are the next brands that I need to approach.

Not stopping now.

Never getting fancy. If I have, by any chance added any value to you follow me on - Instagram | Facebook

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