The Clients who listen to me: WIN!

Look at me sounding like an egoistic asshole like I know everything. But when a campaign reaches 80,000 people in 24 hours I can talk about it right?

Smise Burger

I got the contract for Smise through a friend of mine. The founders of the cafe kinda knew about my previous campaigns. It took Smise a month to get done with the interiors. Their main USP is supposed to be food and I can’t deny on that.

I met Shashank few days back and spoke to him about increasing the sales as there was no revenue being generated at all. After all what do you expect at a place like Koramangala when there’s no alcohol nor hookah. Plus the cafe is located on a rooftop which is on the 4th floor. All you can do is give an offer that people cannot refuse.

I brainstormed with Ashish(@paunchless_foodie) about what we could do to promote a cafe like this. He told me to host a campaign like Re.1/burger. All we know is that pages like LBB and Cityshor have ripped these campaigns apart by hosting something similar every week. Then while I was scrolling through my news feed I read about the new 200rs and 50rs note in the market and there it was.

When I was pitching it to Shashank, he was worried about 200rs note not being in the market. All I knew was that’s what I wanted and that is what would sell. Fear of missing out(FOMO). I explained to Shashank that Snapchat worked because people everyday were scared about missing out on stories of other people. That’s why we go on snapchat before we sleep coz we don’t want to miss out on what others are doing in their life. As soon as I managed to convince the founders, in 24 hours I shot a video with Ashish(@paunchless_foodie), Archana wrote an article on KryptonTV, Aiman made some kickass creatives , launched an event on facebook and our job was done with a caption which people could not resist themselves to click on.

This is what it looked like in 24 hours. 40k organic reach on the event page.

1,100 clicks on the article and the people who read the article.

When I called up Shashank to check on the update, he said that the place had been booked with over 70 reservations on saturday. Today is still the first day and we are all booked for sunday aswell.

The whole campaign reached over 80,000 people in 24 hours all over Bangalore. If the same campaign would’ve been planned for Rs.49 or Rs.199 the impact wouldn’t have been the same only because that’s something that has already been done. People are bored of seeing the same old offers.

If you’re paying companies like LBB, Cityshor or Zomato to do this for you then you my friend are wasting your money.

The market is the market. You don’t need any PR agency or anyone else to do this. All you need is good fucking content.

Update on 9th October — Smise was trending on zomato today.

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