6 months before you see the real world(Graduate)

It’s been two years since I stopped thinking and started doing things without expecting it to be successful and now it’s time for you to start doing.

6 months from now when you’re about to graduate and you’ll be ready to face the real world which will not have the resources that you have now. Which means that your graphic designer friend or a photographer friend will charge you 5 grand for a poster/logo after you graduate instead of a treat at the canteen. Nothing will be free any more.

You will be tensed and confused to find what your strengths are and you will be scared that you did not get a job when all your friends did. It’s fine. 2 years back I started with a simple idea which eventually became my full time. I started early even though I wasn’t self-aware. The only way I learned what I was good at by trying and failing at different things. This is for the ones who are graduating in 2018.

1) Be self-aware about what you want to do. It could be anything that makes you happy. 2) Think about earning Rs 5,000 less today and earning 15,000 tomorrow. Long term> short term. 3) Stop working for the salary/money. Start working for the legacy. Earning is forever. Legacy stays forever. 4) Stop complaining that you don’t have enough time. 5) If you have chosen a wrong specialization and you’ve realized that it’s not meant for you, then that’s great. No one gives a fuck about your score or what specialization you’ve taken. All that matters is your skill and your experience. Dwell on that. 6) Focus on one thing instead of multiple things. 7) Passionate about something? You’ll eventually learn how to monetize on that. 8) Stop hanging out with the people who do not believe in what you do and eliminate the negativity. 9) Dwell on your strengths. 10) Just because it didn’t work for your friend that doesn’t mean that it will not work for you. Your resources, creativity and your circle is different. Just a midnight thought when you’re partying on a Saturday night out there.

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